Fingerprints Revealed

The fingerprints are very interesting because of the type of information that is revealed. Your fingerprints are created the sixteenth week after conception and never change. According to yoga philosophy this is about the same time the soul enters the body.

There are basically four types of fingerprint patterns: whorl, loop, tented arch, arch. Upon examination of the patterns in the fingerprints we can see that it takes a different type of energy to create the pattern of the whorl than it would to create the arch.

The information encoded in the fingerprints is soul level information. The combination of fingerprints in relation to the fingers that they appear on creates a code. This code forms a map that tells why you have come here in this lifetime. The map encoded in your fingerprints consists of two aspects: Life Purpose and Life Lesson. You can think of them as opposite sides of the same coin. Your life purpose is what you came here to do, and your life lesson is what you need to learn in order to do it.

Your life purpose is the theme that continues in every aspect of your life. This is the driving force behind every experience in your life. Your life purpose is your most evolved skill. This is the thing that, when you do it, it gives you energy, it motivates you, it inspires you, and it provides the greatest satisfaction.

Your life lesson is the area of greatest resistance in your life. It is the largest obstacle, preventing you from realizing your potential. It is the thing that is holding you back from fully committing to your life purpose. Your life lesson is your least evolved skill. You must work on you life lesson for your life purpose to blossom.

Remember, your fingerprints were created five months before you were born, showing that certain reappearing patterns in your life were created BEFORE your birth.

So many times we blame our environment or our parents for the way we are. In the context of our soul’s agenda, we picked this particular life to learn and grow. This means that every event or circumstance was a necessary part of our development. If we look at these events, some of them possibly being quite traumatic, as an important part of our story, we put them into a more positive light. Viewing all aspects of our life as integral to our soul’s growth, we can then evaluate them without judgment. Taking the negative connotation away from these circumstances allows us to evaluate why they were necessary from a neutral perspective. EVERYTHING in your life is focused on the fulfillment of your life purpose and the learning of your life lesson. Everything is designed to guide your soul’s development! By viewing everything from this perspective, patterns will open up to you.

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