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Amarjit gives workshops throughout Europe and North America.
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Past Workshop Topics:

Living Your Potential with Kundalini Yoga
Transformation through Self-love
Free Will & Action
Experiencing the Perfection Within
Discovering Your Purpose
Self-Love & Kundalini Yoga
Creativity, Emotions & Self-Awareness
Understanding & Expressing your Creativity
Manifesting the Mind
Self-Love & Self-Esteem
Uncovering & Expressing your Creative Potential
Connecting & Communicating Beyond the Ego
Changing patterns through Kundalini Yoga
The Psychology of Change
Introduction to the Science & Art of Hand Analysis
Using Hand Analysis in Therapy



How often do you feel frustrated because you know you could be accomplishing more than you are? Yet, it seems things are always getting in your way, steering you off your path, and holding you back from achieving what you know you are capable of - your potential. You become discouraged with your efforts, and self-doubt arises. Am I capable of more? Am I on the correct path?

This Living Your Potential Workshop is designed to help you discover and develop your individual life purpose, work on your life lesson, and live your potential. You will learn how to put your life into the context of your soul's journey, providing a clearer understanding of how the events in your life are an integral part of your development. The Workshop also provides the tools necessary for creating awareness, removing psychological obstacles, and realizing your path.

The Workshop:

Prior to the Workshop* each participant will meet with Amarjit where he will decode your fingerprints to determine your Life Purpose and Life Lesson. The day of the workshop a report will be provided detailing your Life Purpose and Life Lesson. This report will be used throughout the Workshop.

The Workshop** incorporates discussions, counseling, and activities designed to help you discover and develop your life purpose and move toward your potential, and Kundalini yoga and meditations for the physical and mental attitude to put it into action.

Topics covered:

  • Defining and discovering your life purpose and life lesson
  • Living your life purpose
  • Working on your life lesson
  • Learning the language of the soul
  • Creating awareness of the patterns in your life
  • Removing psychological obstacles preventing you from your potential
  • Understanding, appreciating, and celebrating your potential
  • Creating confidence in your unique self-expression
  • Understanding the relationship between the mind, body, emotions, and soul
  • Learning the importance of, and intensifying - self-love
  • Creating new patterns of living

*Participants need to arrange a time to meet with Amarjit prior to the workshop to have their fingerprints decoded.
**Bring clothes to do yoga

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The Hand Analysis Workshop is an intensive workshop covering the science and art of hand analysis. Participants are taken through various aspects of hand analysis so they may begin reading and analyzing hands immediately.

The course begins with the philosophy of hand analysis and continues with a step-by-step approach to learning the fundamentals of gathering information from the hands. Students will learn how to - determine personality type, determine mental and emotional information processes, and decode the fingerprints to learn a person's Life Purpose and Life Lesson.

The lines and shape of your hand can change. They represent your personality and development in this lifetime. Your fingerprints NEVER change. Your fingerprints are created the sixteenth week after conception, forming a map of your Soul's Agenda. Your Soul's Agenda consists of two components: Life Purpose and Life Lesson. The Life Purpose is what you have come to do in this lifetime and your Life Lesson is what you need to learn in order to do it.

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